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The qualification conferred at the successful completion of the Leadership for Clinicians Training Program also confers eligibility for Associate Fellowship of RACMA (AFRACMA). Those wishing to pursue the full Fellowship in medical administration with RACMA may apply for 12 months credit entry to the Fellowship Training Program provided all other pre-requisites are met. More information is available here.


Applicants must possess:

  • A medical degree from a recognised Australian or New Zealand university, or equivalent
  • Current medical registration with FACRRM or FRACGP/FARGP qualifications
  • Clinical (direct patient care) experience of at least three years full time equivalent in an Australian health system, or one that is comparable
  • An interest in medical leadership and management and/or currently leading clinical departments
  • Queensland Health employment (if applying for a QRGP sponsored position).

Duration and commitment

The Leadership for Clinicians Training Program will be delivered over twelve months. Participants are required to complete all requirements within two years of commencement. Enrolment in the Training Program requires commitment to complete the course requirements.
An indication of the time commitment to undertake the Program is provided below:

  • There are three modules designed across five study themes.
  • Each module includes approximately 3 hours of webinars.
  • There are eight days of face to face workshops in total (including three Saturdays):
    o Module 1 | Three days
    o Module 2 | Two days
    o Module 3 | Three days
  • The learning sets are approximately 1.5 hours per module.
  • The pre-reading, case study submission reflective piece and self-paced quizzes are approximately 10 hours per module.

Total (approximately): 64 hours face to face and 43.5 hours self-paced/webinar learning. Number of hours may vary due to participant’s learning style.

Program information

Course themes

The Training Program will cover content specifically designed for rural and remote practice in Queensland, selected from the following key areas:

  • Understanding the Australian and Queensland healthcare system
  • Understanding your personal style as a leader and manager
  • Clinical Governance
  • Workforce management and engagement
  • Strategy change and financial governance.


The Training Program is structured in three training modules consisting of:

  • One to three webinars
  • Interactive face to face workshop
  • Learning set and reflective exercise

Participants will complete an online quiz for successful completion of each module. Assessment is undertaken through participation in all activities.

The Leadership for Clinicians Training Program includes tools designed to encourage self-assessment and to guide development through Action Learning during the Program comprising:

Professional Management Development Plan: At the commencement of their 12 month Program, participants will be asked to develop a
Professional Management Development Plan. The Professional Management Development Plan requires participants to self-audit and to reflectively consider their personal goals for their competency development during the course of the 12 month Program.

Submission of a short reflective piece at the completion of the Training Program; the Personal Workplace Leadership Challenge will demonstrate how the participant has applied their learnings in their workplace.

Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): The MBTI tool provides participants with a leadership style theory that is explored in depth in Module 1.

360 degree feedback: The 360 tool is completed towards the end of the Training Program and aims to provide an indicator of the participant’s development as a leader.


Applications for the March 2017 intake have now closed. If you are interested in participating in a future please express interest here.

Before applying for the Program, please ensure you have read and completed the:


  • Hospital and Health Services (HHS) will be advised of the opening of Training Program applications.
  • Applications are submitted via the survey link accessible on this page during the application period.
  • A panel will review applications and liaise with Hospital and Health Service (HHS) delegates to select successful applicants.
  • The QRGP will notify applicants of the outcome.
  • RACMA will seek payment of the application fee from successful individuals.


  • Applicant submission does not constitute successful enrolment.
  • Line manager support and approval (that can be provided if requested) is essential. It is recommended that applicants seek approval in writing before submitting an application.

More information

For more information regarding the Training Program, contact Deanne Bond:

t. 1800 680 291