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Vacancies are sought from Hospital and Health Services in June and the collated list is provided to Trainees for review and direct application to facilities of interest. Trainees are able to contact facilities of interest at any time. It is not mandatory to participate in the vocational placement process.

  1. Look at our list of current positions via the ‘Vacancy List’ tab below
  2. Shortlist preferred positions.
  3. Contact facilities directly to apply
  • It is important that you liaise with the team and your Regional Training Organisation to ensure you select a position that
    • Meets your vocational training requirements
    • Supports your personal and professional aspirations
  • To be eligible for SMO (Provisional Fellow) positions applicants must possess
    • Rural Generalist Medicine Prevocational Certification
    • An appropriate advanced skill/s for the vocational training position of interest
Current and past vacancy lists are available below:

To find Hospital and Health Service facilities visit Location and Profiles.


For rural facilities wishing to engage Rural Generalist Trainees in a vocational training position, the following should be considered:

  • Fostering and promoting a quality rural health team focus
  • Training position/s are accredited with ACRRM and/or RACGP
  • Supervisors are experienced Fellows and are accredited with the training College/s
  • Position/s provides for work/life balance

We encourage facilities to develop marketing material for distribution to Rural Generalist Trainees via the QRGP team.

For information regarding the qualifications specified for credentialed scope of clinical practice in Rural Generalist Medicine and Senior Medical Officer (Provisional Fellow) appointment, please refer to the Rural Generalist Medicine discipline recognition (2007) document.