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Program information

The QRGP in partnership with Clinical Excellence Queensland is pleased to present the Step Up Leadership program for Rural Generalists.

Program themes

The Step Up Leadership Program will cover content from the following key areas:

  • Your leadership style
  • Effective communication
  • Influence and coach for improved performance
  • Leading, motivating and inspiring staff
  • Understanding the broader healthcare environment
  • Leading and managing change
  • Improving health service delivery
  • Effective stakeholder engagement
  • Strategic influencing


The Program comprises of two residential training modules with additional learning and reflective activities.

  • HBDI assessment
  • Module one | Saturday – Sunday | Brisbane
  • Work-based action plan
  • Module two | Saturday – Sunday | Brisbane


Applicants must possess:

  • A medical degree from a recognised Australian or New Zealand university, or equivalent
  • Current medical registration
  • Clinical (direct patient care) experience of at least three years full time equivalent in an Australian health system, or one that is comparable
  • An interest in medical leadership and management and/or currently leading clinical departments


The Step Up Leadership Program will be offered in 2022.

Workshop 1 | 27-28 August 2022 | Brisbane

Workshop 2 | 12-13 November 2022 | Brisbane

Please contact us for more information.