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  • Keeping Australia Alive courtesy of ITV Studios Australia | Ep1: Cradle to Grave

    The Keeping Australia Alive series was a landmark documentary event that captured a snapshot of the Australian health system with 100 cameras over a 24 hour period in October 2015. The series originally aired on ABC in March 2016 and the first episode, Cradle to Grave, featured rural generalist practice in Longreach and Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway Medical Director Dr John Douyere.

What is the Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway?

The Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway supports junior medical officers with targeted training and development to become a Rural Generalist, or to go on to any other medical field. The Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway is a highly respected, selective and flexible pathway that offers Australia’s most passionate and dedicated medical students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of clinical training and develop the advanced skill set required to support the health needs of rural communities.

What does the Pathway offer?

Career Navigation

Career advice

As a Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway trainee, you can access support when you need it most. Our Career Navigators and admin team help you avoid potential career pitfalls and are there to troubleshoot any personal, professional or administrative issues that arise so you can focus on training opportunities.

Flexible Training

Tailored career planning
Progress at your pace

If fast tracking your training is important to you, we can support you to get further faster. If you prefer to gain more experience along the way, then that’s fine too.

There’s no bonded lock in period on the Pathway.

Privileged Access

Guaranteed terms
Diverse skills training
Expanded options

We offer all PGY 1 & 2 trainees guaranteed access to hard-to-get training term experience in paediatrics, O&G and anaesthetics. We also have access to the largest number of Advanced Skills Training positions in Australia.

Endless Options


The Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway not only qualifies you for life as a Rural Generalist, it also sets you up for a career in almost any other medical field. Our Fellows go on to roles in rural generalism, clinical leadership, international aid work, expeditionary and retrieval medicine and provide valuable services to communities in need nationally and internationally.

Pathway Timeline

Find your calling.

As an intern and Junior House Officer, you lay the foundations for your future career. Access a wide range of training experiences to help you decide the next step on your career path.

Priority access

Guaranteed access to term experience in O&G, paediatrics and anaesthetics.

Experience more 

Access additional hands-on training, with a wide variety of presentations in special extended rural terms. Attend our exclusive workshops, designed to build your professional network and gain important extra skills to progress your career faster.

Career guidance 

Get expert advice when you need it most, with scheduled and unscheduled contact from your Career Navigator, an experienced practising clinician.

On-call support

You’re never alone. From personal and family matters, to important deadlines and admin task reminders, we’re here by your side and on the end of the phone.

Build your knowledge.

As a Rural Generalist, you’ll need general practice plus additional skills. Master the advanced skills needed in your future rural community. As a Registrar/PHO, spend your time learning about and working in your AST discipline. We work with your general practice training providers to help keep your training on track.

Targeted training

Exclusive Advance Skills Training boot camps to get you career ready.

Stay on track

We check accreditation to ensure that you avoid positions that add nothing to your Fellowship training and help you find the discipline that best fits your career goals. But if you find it’s not working out, we’ll support you to continue to progress your career, while helping you find another position.

Recruitment assistance 

Fill out one form, do one interview, then we match you with available and suitable positions.

On-call support

Your Career Navigator and the team work hard to get to know you and are available to help troubleshoot any personal or professional challenges you may face.

Expand your skills.

Develop and hone your skills to become the doctor you’ve always wanted to be with on the ground generalist training in a hospital, community general practice, or other setting. Make a difference as an integral member of the clinical team in a rural community.

Step up and stand out 

Employers seek out Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway (QRGP) Trainees for their superior skills and experience. Leadership training is embedded throughout the Pathway. You can formalise this with a leadership qualification developed specifically for QRGP Trainees.

One stop for jobs

We find and list available, accredited hospital jobs in rural Queensland and have an extensive network across the state for general practice vacancies.

Career check up 

We help ensure you’re not missing anything in the lead up to your Fellowship.

On-call support 

Our team transitions with you as your challenges change; we’re here to help work through any on the ground issues that may impact your ability to adjust and grow your career.

Explore opportunites.

You’re now a self-sufficient practising Rural Generalist. As part of the respected QRGP community, you now have endless opportunities to take your career anywhere.

Endless opportunity

As well as being a highly capable Rural Generalist, you’re perfectly positioned to explore opportunities in clinical leadership, international aid work, expeditionary and retrieval medicine, or other specialist training.

Recognised excellence

As an alumnus of the Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway, be recognised for your world leading Rural Generalist training.

Poised to lead

Formalise your credentials with a leadership qualification developed specifically for the QRGP.


No. Your career path is up to you. You’re free to change course whenever you like.

Training as a rural generalist actually increases your career options. The Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway not only qualifies you for life as a rural generalist, it also sets you up for a career in almost any other medical field. Our Fellows are strongly positioned for a myriad of job opportunities and have gone on to roles in clinical leadership, international aid work, expedition and retrieval medicine and entry into other highly specialised training programs. To date, every Rural Generalist Trainee or Fellow who has applied to an alternative specialist program has gained entry.

Rural generalists earn a similar salary to other specialists and often reach higher pay levels significantly faster. In fact, our fast track program embedded in The Generalist Pathway allows our interns to achieve senior appointments after three years of commencing the program, often up to doubling their salary in comparison to peers not on the Pathway.

This is not true in most cases. Many Rural Generalists complete anaesthetics advanced skills training but there is a limited availability of anaesthetics training positions statewide. It is expected that Rural Generalist Trainees undertaking anaesthetics advanced skills training are doing so with the intention of delivering elective anaesthetic services in a rural community after training. Trying to use the QRGP as a short cut on the way to anaesthetics specialist training is not fair to genuine Rural Generalist Trainees or to those pursuing specialist training. This behaviour is looked on poorly by both QRGP and the anaesthetics training scheme. A genuine change of career path can and does happen quite successfully.

More FAQs

Career Navigators

Dr John Douyere is the QRGP Medical Director, with over 20 years experience living and working in rural Queensland communities.

Dr John Douyere

Dr Michael Clements commenced his studies at Sydney University through the RAAF Graduate Medical Scheme.

Dr Michael Clements

Prue grew up in the Wide Bay region and spent her childhood weekends on the family dairy farm outside of Biggenden.

Dr Prue Dawson

Leanne grew up in rural Queensland south of Mackay near Sarina and Carmilla.

Dr Leanne Browning

James is a Rural Generalist Senior Medical Officer at Stanthorpe Hospital. He graduated from Flinders University in 2003.

Dr James Telfer

Tarun is Professor of Health Professional Education and Head of the Townsville Clinical School at the James Cook University College of Medicine and Dentistry.

Professor Tarun Sen Gupta

Dale graduated from the Flinders University of South Australia in 1982, initially pursuing a career in Rural General Practice, and subsequently in Emergency Medicine.

Dr Dale Hanson

Dr Natasha Coventry is currently Director of Medical Services – East, Torres & Cape Hospital and Health Service, based in Cooktown Hospital.

Dr Natasha Coventry

Felicity is based in the beautiful garden city of Toowoomba, working as a general practitioner and as the Senior Clinical Editor for Darling Downs Healthpathway.

Dr Felicity Constable

Claudia is currently working as Senior Medical Officer and Lead Clinician at Yulu-Burri-Ba in the Bayside of Brisbane.

Dr Claudia Collins

Cameron is currently working as a Rural Generalist Senior Medical Officer at St. George Hospital.

Dr Cameron Bardsley

Michael is currently working as a Rural Generalist in Beaudesert, enjoying an interesting clinical mix of primary and secondary care.

Dr Michael Hurley

Jaime is currently a Rural Generalist in General Practice in Beaudesert.

Dr Jaime Hurley

Ebonney is currently working as a Rural Generalist in General Practice on Magnetic Island.

Dr Ebonney van der Meer
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