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>>>Don’t get lost

Don’t get lost

You’re heading into an exciting, complicated maze as you begin to organise your postgraduate training. But without a map, you run the risk of getting lost. To avoid finding yourself at a career dead end, make sure you avoid these common career pitfalls.

Losing time

Not all positions are created equal; some positions aren’t accredited and may not count towards your Fellowship, which could cost you months or even years of your time.

Missed opportunity

Finding positions is hard; it’s sometimes the most difficult, stressful and time-consuming part of early career training. Do you know where to look for the latest positions and when you should be applying? If you miss applying, you may not have the opportunity to work in that area during your training at all, as some experience is extremely difficult to come by.

Make it easier

Looking for an easier, faster route to your Fellowship? Train on the Generalist Pathway; we help you avoid these common pitfalls by checking accreditation on available positions, ensuring that you avoid positions that add nothing to your Fellowship training. We also take the hassle out of applications and help to match you with available and suitable positions that are on track with your career goals. Apply now.

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