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>>>Dr Luke Dwyer | Faces of Rural Generalism

Dr Luke Dwyer | Faces of Rural Generalism

Medical Superintendent / General Practitioner, Jandowae

Dr Luke Dwyer is the Medical Superintendent with Private Practice at Jandowae Hospital and a General Practitioner at The Wambo Medical Practice. He attained his Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) fellowship in 2014 with an advanced skill in emergency medicine. He and his wife Kimberley are currently building their own general practice facility while raising their young family in a beautiful part of rural Queensland.

Working across both primary and acute care settings means Luke can provide continuity of care for his patients when they really need him.

“Most of my patients can see me as a GP and if they come to me after hours with an acute care issue, I know them, I understand what’s important to them, and it helps me work out the best course of action.”

Luke credits his Rural Generalist training for providing him with the skills to operate independently, safely and competently to address whatever comes through the door. Undertaking training in rural communities has also been invaluable in helping him provide optimum care for his patients.

“You get exposure to rural towns as you do your training in rural communities and get to meet the local people and gain an understanding of your patient base; the people you’re going to take care of. You understand a little bit more about your people and it helps in my everyday clinical decision making.”

The Dwyer family has taken a big step by investing in new facilities to train the next generation of Rural Generalists and provide much needed services in the Jandowae community. The practice is slated to be a medical education and training hub that reflects the Dwyer’s values of community-based workforce development and continuity. His leadership skills and experience as Medical Superintendent of Jandowae Hospital will place him in good stead for owning and operating his new practice. Luke is passionate about helping emerging Rural Generalists navigate their own journey and design their own careers.

“That’s what I want; a place to provide training for medical students and Rural Generalists so they can take care of my family and me in my old age. It’s a big but important step in ensuring continuity and to have a place for people to work when they come out here.”

Raising a young family in the beauty, peace and quiet of rural Queensland is everything Luke and Kimberley want for their children. Their family home overlooks the picturesque Bunya Mountains and the closest neighbours are a kilometre away. With a few cattle, a horse and wide-open spaces to run around, the Dwyer children are set for a fantastic childhood growing up in the country.

Photo credit: ABC Southern Queensland: Sophie Volker

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