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>>>Making professional connections

Making professional connections

Forming and maintaining professional connections has many benefits, especially when it comes to building a career and thriving in rural generalist medicine. Being well connected goes beyond having someone to call for advice and support when you need it. Investing energy into connecting with peers, interdisciplinary professionals, policy makers and experience Rural Generalists gives you more opportunities for collaboration, job opportunities and a few great people to catch up with at conferences and other events.

While you will naturally be exposed to many new connections throughout your training, it is worth making a concerted effort to expand your network and get involved wherever you go. This includes conferences, community sporting and social events, rural placements, other hospital departments and courses. If you’re looking for a job or your next big move, consider reaching out to living legends in the area for some advice.

Even better, make it your priority to meet people face to face and introduce yourself. Rural Generalism was built on dedicated individuals coming together to do their bit for the bush and most Rural Generalists are only too happy to share their experiences. Click here to find out more about upcoming events.

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